Visions -Alpha- DL access 2Fer

Online games are more fun with friends.  Download one for yourself and get another one for your friend!


Buy 1 for yourself and 1 for your friend!  We know that playing online games is always more fun with friends.  This is your chance to get both you and a friend into the game together at the same time!

NOTE: To have a download link sent to your friend you MUST tell us your friend’s email address in the “Comments” section during checkout. If for some reason you are not able to enter a comment you can email us after you get your own download link instructions and we will be happy to send the download instructions to your friend also.  Make sure you have your friend’s permission first! Then, once you both have the game, log in and explore the world together!

Come play with us!  Experience the game as the developers do! Before the quests are done, before the world is completely created, before the animals are implemented, before all the intended game features are developed, see what it’s like to play the game before it’s finished! Submit bug reports to the developers. Be part of the action! Help us make it happen. Contribute to the Visions project and gain Alpha tester access to the game world. For a $30 contribution per person you get the digital download of the player client which grants you access to the Tester’s play server during the Alpha and Beta testing phases of development.

Regular price: $60