Treasures In Heaven – Board Game

Print and Play the brand new board game Treasures In Heaven today! No waiting until it gets to store shelves, get it now! Only $5.00 Treasures in Heaven is a cooperative board game about the fruits of the spirit for 2 to 9 players. It is helpful if players can read, but color coded cards make it possible for younger […]

Pedich Edhellen – learn Elvish app

Do You Speak Elvish?” Is a small ap for the PC to teach the user Quenya. This includes lessons 1-10. I am making these lessons to teach my own children Elvish. I am making the ap available here so you can learn also. These lessons use an immersion method (comparable to the Suzuki method of teaching music) which is excellent […]

Messiah – Card Game

Messiah the card game is available for sale online right now! Messiah is a family friendly card game with a blend of skill and luck and a surprize ending. A game can last 15 to 45 minutes. Messiah cards include scripture from the King James Version of the Bible with blank spaces where words have been left out that […]

Chariots – Download

Chariots is a racing game for the PC set on the island of Cyprus in the ancient Roman empire. In the racing game Chariots you can: * Explore 13 Ancient cities on the Island of Cyprus * Race in Foot races, Horse races, and of course Chariot races * Experience a variety of races: cross-country marathons, labyrinths, and legendary hippodromes […]

Our Books

In 2012 we self-published a Cookbook with recipes from ancient Rome to compliment our work on Visions. That book is available in both printed hard copy as well as digital formats. It is available directly from the publisher at CreateSpace, as well as other mainstream distributors.   Ancient Roman Eats by Laurene Wells CreateSpace Amazon Print Amazon Kindle […]

Visons Alpha – client download

Visions is a Christian MMORPG set in ancient Rome around 100 AD. Players experience the game as a Roman citizen in a quest and skill based gameplay. Visions is not done yet. This is a rare opportunity in the gaming world where we are offering financial contributors access to our Alpha test server. Log in and see what we’re working […]